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A very warm welcome to Collège Saint André (CSA). I am very proud to serve as Principal of Collège Saint André located at Nyamirambo-Kigali/Rwanda. CSA is a Catholic School, government aided, founded in 1957 whereby “DISCIPLINE IS MOTHER OF SUCCESS” (DISMOS) since its foundation. If you want your children succeed in life for the betterment of his/her future, insist on his character and wisdom, therefore his /her potential intelligence will be developed easily. We are committed to work with government educational police, the staff, students, parents, partners and the local community to transform learning, aspirations and opportunities for our students and in the community in which we live. Our aim is to ensure that our students have access to the best possible opportunities and experiences during their education, so that they can reach their full potential and are better prepared for the future. Our work is focused on developing and celebrating students as individuals and not just as learners. We believe that every child, regardless of ability, deserves a first class education. Everyone has hidden potential to be uncovered and nurtured and I strongly believe that together as a learning community we can unlock this potential.

By Father Principal of College Saint Andre

Import Update and News

  • Amateka ya College Saint Andre

    Collège Saint André ni ikigo cy'amashuri yisumbuye cya Arkidiyosezi ya Kigali, cyatangiye mu mwaka 1957. Collège Saint André iherereye i Nyamirambo mu akarere ka Nyarugenge mu mujyi wa Kigali. Iri shuri ryatangiriye i Rwamagana ku gitekerezo cya Musenyeri A. Charrue na Chano...

    History and Background Of College Saint Andre

    St Andre College, a Catholic founded secondary school under the Kigali Arch diocese recently celebrated fiftieth anniversary. The school, located in Kigali City’s Nyarugenge district, was founded by Catholic missionaries 1957 at Rwamagana, through the coordination of Bishop...

    College Saint Andre : Batashye ikimenyetso cy’urwibutso rw’Abatutsi baguye muri College St André

    Mu rwunge rw’amashuri rwa Mutagatifu Andereya (Collège St André) i Nyamirambo, ku ya 1 Kamena 2022 nibwo Antoine Cardinal Kambanda yayoboye umuhango wo gufungura ku mugaragaro ikimenyetso cy’urwibutso rwa Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi, baguye muri icyo kigo. ...

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